Energy Sector

The UK’s energy portfolio has diversified considerably in the last 20 years, with the growth of incentivised renewables in the form of wind, solar, biomass and waste to energy operations to supplement baseload generation assets such as CCGT and nuclear, and the decline of coal.

Since working on the UK’s second windfarm development back in 1991, we have advised operators of CCGT, coal fired and CHP power stations, developers and operators of underground gas storage facilities, biomass and waste to energy plant.

Some examples include:

  • Extensive work for Western Europe’s largest coal fired power station, advising on permit applications and variations including the extension of the air emissions envelope, temporary non abated status, alternative fuel trials, air dispersion modelling studies, station and ash tip permit applications, alleged permit breaches and health and safety matters.
  • Advice to other UK coal fired power station operators regarding Landfill Directive compliance and assessing the need for expensive re-engineering works.
  • Advice to the Joint Environmental Programme (JEP) members concerning a dispute with regulators to define the “end of waste” threshold for pfa.
  • Conducting detailed due diligence for a CCGT operator seeking to purchase a development site for a new CCS-ready CCGT plant based within the footprint of a former petrochemicals complex.
  • Advising waste to energy plant operators regarding permit applications and compliance, Waste Incineration Directive compliance, emissions to air, the processing of wastes and production residues into fuel.
  • Advising developers and operators of underground gas storage facilities on environmental permits and COMAH responsibilities.

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